Choose to end smoking and stop the intake of poisonous chemicals

Choose to end smoking and stop the intake of poisonous chemicals

Nicotine has become one of the most common addictions today as more and more people begin to take up this habit. Some people view this as a stress reliever, while others are captive to its addicting smell without particularly cherishing any of its qualities. And since nicotine is more or less accepted by society, easily obtainable and legal, there is little discouragement from the law for smokers.

It has become apparent, however, that there is a recent trend of individuals who want to be healthier and thus choose to quit. They know that without quitting smoking forever, they can soon suffer from degenerative diseases, not only in respiratory areas, but also in other critical organs, because of continued smoking.

But what really makes cigarettes dangerous? A number reaching over 4,000 can be arrived at when you consider all the dangerous contents of a cigarette. Included in those thousands are: Acetone, which is used in nail polish removers, Ammonia, which is used in bathroom cleaners, Arsenic, a highly dangerous rat poison, Butane, which is used as a lighter fluid, Carbon monoxide, which is the car exhaust fume, Cyanide, another deadly poison, Dieldrin, which is used in insecticides, Formaldehyde, which preserves dead bodies, Silicon, which is a major component in electronic applications, and Urea, a component of urine. The list is not complete and a lot more harmful compounds can enter your system unchecked.

The good news is, technology in the recent years has made it possible to help people who want to quit and recover their full health. Smoking aids exist that not only can prop you up on your way to quitting, but even be the complete reason for your success.

Hypnosis is held by some as a very ingenious and capable cure for addiction. It is understood to be extremely competent as it reprograms your thoughts to have a negative emotion against smoking , usually through making it taste bitter, or making it smell more bad than the usual through subtle suggestions to your brain. Along with the habit, the strong desire will be gone as well. But just as how potent it is, it also is a process not for most individuals. It is said that only those who has a very open and responsive brain gets any effect.

Other helpful smoking aids include smoking filters, used during a cessation program. It is usually plastic and placed as a stopper for the mouth when you smoke. They traps the tar by spinning off the smoke into its chamber and thus decrease any of the harmful substance from entering your lungs. There exists lozenges as well that gives you the nicotine without any of the harmful smoke and chemicals. Gums are also effective as it lets your mouth be busy thus eliminating the urge to light and smoke something. These products however still need looking after as you only break the smoking aspect but not the nicotine dependence. There are pills, however, that does not need nicotine but simply acts on the root of the problem by stopping the pleasurable effect of smoking.

Don’t forget to always ask your doctor when you pick any product in order to be sure that it will be safe for you to use.

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