Ways to overcome the annoying Eye twitching problem!

Ways to overcome the annoying Eye twitching problem!

Eye twitching, a sensitive problem that annoys and makes one feel embarrassed at times.
There are several ways to treat the serious problem of eye twitching based on the causes of eye twitching. Eye twitching may be caused due to various reasons that differ from one patient to another. Treating the eye problem is effectively done after a complete examination of the status of eye twitching, on defining the condition and severity.

Sleeplessness is considered to be one of the important reason as it makes the eyes dried losing the effective vision. A complete eye rest is the first choice to bring back the needful nourishment. Stress in the eye nerve may also be a reason as the sensitive nerves may not serve too much of strain in vision.

Eye twitching causes

Causes of eye twitching are not the same in all cases. Stress over work makes the body strained off that weakens the body affecting the nervous system. Eye twitching causes may some times be accompanied by swelling, irritation or itchiness in the eyes. Excess intake of coffee containing Caffeine triggers the eye twitch as it has adverse effects in causing sleeplessness, irregularity in heart beat, headaches, tension in muscles, and also weakens the nervous system making the eyelids to twitch more.
There are certain habits that initiate eye twitching such as emotional and bodily stress, nerve-system disorder, lack of sleep and rest, intake of excess of caffeine, side effects of certain drugs that causes adverse effect, deficiency of needful nutrients or more strain on eyes. Smoking, alcoholism, drugs and excess intake of caffeine is to be avoided as it weakens and spoils the optical nerve.

Botox treatment for eye twitching

Botox injection is considered as one of the effective healing method that gives a quick solution for eye twitching as it is a form of cosmetic use that has more effect on the muscle spasm. The problem is caused by the effect of bacteria Clostridium botulinum that blocks the nerve impulse at the tips making them weaker, resulting in twitching. The process of treatment involves periodical injections of Botulinum toxin (botox) that are being given at the upper and lower part of the eyes. The injection dosage varies from one patient to another depending on the evaluated status. The result of the treatment is felt in 2 weeks of the treatment lasting for 3 to 4 months of time.

There are also various home remedies that can help in treating the cause of eye twitching. Cucumber juice and rose water are a good source to soothe the eye twitching problem. Relaxing eyes and eye lids are the first part in making the eyes more comfortable on relieving the eye twitch problem. Honey is also a good ingredient to treat eye itchiness. Letting your eyes to rest with practice of meditation helps in bringing your eyes to calm down.

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