Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

Letting go of that last cigarette can be disheartening for someone who’s been addicted to it. Quitting smoking is not an easy task and requires lots of courage and patience, not only by the smoker as well as the people around him. But if you did decide on quitting smoking, I’m sure anyone would say that it was one of the best decisions to make in life. help quitting smoking

Addictions are hard to stop. Trying to stop it can invoke feelings such as fear and that is quite normal. But you must not let this fear control you and stop you from making the most important decision in life. Remember that although the fight to overcome your bad habit takes time and your patience, in the long run it is definitely worth the effort.

Quitting smoking can take place with the follow up of three basic steps. The first step is to get ready. This can be done by setting up a specific date where you will actually begin your ‘quitting smoking’ process. Try your best to change the atmosphere of where you live in. What would you normally expect in a house of a smoker? Yes, you guessed it. It would obviously be filled up with cigarettes, ashtrays, etc. If you search properly, cigarette buds,etc would be found not only inside the house, but in the car and even the workplace. If you really want to stop smoking, make sure that there aren’t more people in your house who share the same bad habit. tips on quitting smoking

The second step is to get support. Giving up smoking can be a difficult task. It needs your will power, as well as the support and encouragement of your peers, your family, etc. You must enlighten them on the fact that you are on the road to quitting smoking and are in need of their help. You can start by simply telling them not to smoke or leave cigarettes around you. If you have a doctor or a psychologist, get support from them. Today there are many counselling sessions that are conducted free of charge for people who are willing to quit smoking. So if you are also in the same category, it is best to get information regarding such places and try to enrol in such a program. quitting smoking

Quitting smoking can be a very trying situation mainly because the body has become so used to inhaling the product. This is where the third step comes into practice. Learning new skills and behaviours can help the person who is trying very hard to overcome these urges. Changing the daily routine, go out for a walkand getting busycan help the person keep their mind away from what you are trying to stop. Each day can be an adventure if a good plan is initiated to do something new and enjoyable. Whilst doing all this, make sure to gather knowledge by reading books on ways that will assist you in the process of quitting smoking.